Special thanks to Navy Hipster for this idea! Edit

Details Edit

No one knows what Hideous Monstrosity's original body looked like before it become what it is known today. But reports say that it has a gaping wide mouth without lips, extending arms, and glowing red eyes. It's cells takes a new form every single day, which means it cycles through out the 9 classes. Females Hideous Monstrosity's cells have the ability to turn into Ms. Pauling and males have the ability to turn into Saxton Hale.

Background Edit

Since there's no real evidence where this monstrosity was created, we only have rumours. But what our reports show that the first one was created in a secret underground lab at Thunder Mountain. The professor who created "him" was known to be Holty. Holty made a lightning rod that connected to the tallest building on the map to Hideous Monstrosity's heart. Then lightning struck.

Loadouts Edit

Most Hideous Monstrosity's are in their "Spy" form with the Face Peeler Misc, with any hat and misc. But they can be in any class form.

Hideous Monstrosity's weapon loadout is the Festive Revolver, Red Tape Recorder, and the Sharp Dresser which attaches to his flesh.

If we find any other Hideous Monstrosity forms, they shall be posted.

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