The heavyseal is a new TF2-nimal discovered on August 13, 2014. They appear to be another variant of Gravitelamo, but similar in nature to the Spyseal. Like the spyseal, heavyseals are most recognizable by thier seal faces with an orange band on the back of thier head. They amass in groups on any map with water, but they are also capable of living on land.

Behavior Edit

Unlike the spyseals, Heavyseals are completely harmless. They do punch, but their fists are modified so that when they hit someone's back, they burst into laughter. They also offer food to members of the enemy team and their own team, usually sandwiches. Sometimes, Heavyseals go into a state of idling called "Ayefkay" by scientists. When one of them is in Ayefkay, other Heavyseals perform a rather unusual activity: they push the idling Heavyseal to random locations for fun. Usually they are heard saying things similar to "Go!" and "Move!" when doing this.

Mating Edit

Heavyseals do mate, like most other TF2-nimals. Thier mating ritual is very strange, as it seems to be similar to when they push an Ayefkay Heavyseal. When two Heavyseals are about to mate, they bump into each other several times and utter a call that sounds like "PUTELEPORTHEER". After doing this several times, they give food to each other, then walk away as if nothing happened. After mating, a Heavyseal may sometimes still say the mating call to signify that he/she has just mated.

Predators/Prey Edit

Predators Edit

Basically, a lot of Pyro TF2-nimals prey on Heavyseals.

Prey Edit

How to Be One Edit

  • Sandvich/Buffalo Steak Sandvich
  • Holiday Punch
  • Seal Mask
  • Crouch walk around people, offer sandviches, make them laugh.

Study/Notes Edit

8/14/14- Heavyseals have been observed to say thier "mating call" at any time, regardless of whether they have mated or not.

8/18/14- Heavyseals have been spotted around dm_station_morozovo, suggesting that they can survive in very cold weather.

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