After millions of years extinct, the most ancient breed of the group Gravitelemo, this creature is on every continent, although not widespread, and eating peacefully.

Behavior Edit

The Heavysaurus is a docile creature, only attacking when being attacked. They are mostly alone, or in small herds due to being recently brought back. The Blu and Red Heavysaurus fight for leader ship. The loser dies. They also teach the young ones how to fight. They slam their flat heads on trees to scare away Sugar Wasps

however a mutation called the conquisitus heavysaurus has more strength and eats pyrosharks.

this is a problem due to large teeth that stand out from the rest

Predators Edit

Heavysaurus are not really preyed on. Only Pyrosharks, Pyroraptors and most Ignus species hunt them. Mainly herbivores, they are huge targets for predators using fire.

Subspecies Edit

The Heavysaurus had 4 subspecies. They were:

Red Long-Necked(extinct)

Blu Long-Necked(extinct)

Red Short-Necked

Blu Short-Necked

The Long Necked Heavysaurus has become extinct due to over hunting. The Short Necks only barely survive today.

A new subspecies of Heavysaurus has been discovered recently. It seems to have large pads on its front feet that, if enemies are attacked from the back, seems to make them laugh or tickle them. Their bone fragments also do not slow down enemies, and they have a mobile food source.

Habitat Edit

Heavysaurus live in grasslands, flat areas, slight hills and warm areas. They need these criteria: water, places to gain food to store(health packs), and no predators to thrive well. If you see one not meeting all of this criteria, bring it to the spawn room of it's color to let it survive. Make sure it lives on the way!

Weapons Edit

They have long claws that are used to impale predators. They can also fire a kind of bone fragment out of their hands that slows enemies.

Conclusion Edit

Protect the Heavysaurus.


  • Natasha(Bone Fragments)
  • Sandvich
  • Warriors Spirit
  • Eviction Notice(Baby Only)
  • Gibus(optional)
  • Any minigun that is not Natascha (Tickle-Padded)
  • Holiday Punch (Tickle-Padded)
  • Sandvich (Tickle-Padded)

Go, and save the Heavysaurus! Before it's too late!