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A heavydile after his meal

An aggressive reptile that is a member of the Heavidae family (the Heavies), the Heavydile is a well-known predator that can and will take down almost anything it can get its hands on! It is highly recommended to avoid attempting to hunt this TF2-nimal, as it has many advantages over its prey, such as armored skin, unnatural speed and strength, and a powerful bite that can tear off flesh, sever limbs, and crush bone.

Latin Name: Gravisdraco


The Heavydile is built to do three simple tasks: swim, sleep, and eat. The Heavydile is extremely aggressive and will attack just about anything that it sees. If its prey cannot get out of the water in time, the Heavydile shows no mercy. It clamps down on the victim with its powerful jaws, which can bite with 5 times the strength of a great white shark. This extreme chomp can tear off flesh and crush bone. If the victim somehow escapes the Heavydile's jaws (which is highly unlikely), there is little chance of survival, as it is common for the prey to simply bleed to death (not actually true in gameplay, but makes sense in nature).

The Heavydile is what can be known as an apex predator, or quite simply a predator that can and will eat almost anything. In other words, the Heavydile is not at all picky about what it wants to eat. A wide variety of food sources dwell in its watery habitat, and the Heavydile is willing to eat any kind of meat. Their preferred prey is the Pyroshark, a common animal that also lives in water. Though the Pyroshark is a predator, it only takes on a Heavydile when it is desperate, as the Heavydile can easily avoid the electric shocks and go in for an easy kill.

The Heavydile also feeds on other animals that venture into its waters, such as SpycrabsJellyneers, and even unlucky humans who fall into its home. However, a few rare cases have shown that the Heavydile will sometimes go up against another infamous aquatic TF2-nimal: the Sewer Medic! As shown is this footage, the Heavydile has been seen to accidentally disturb a Sewer Medic. However, the Heavydile will always attack, fighting the Medic to the death. While the Sewer Medic is more agile, the Heavydile's brute strength and speed in water gives him the upper hand. He can shrug off the Sewer Medic's weak attacks and easily weaken it before it goes in for the kill!

HeavyDile's new victim

HeavyDile's new victim

Footage of a heavydile attacking a poor engineer

Tf2 heavydile by thelombax51-d32m1al

Artwork of the beast

Recommended/Required ItemsEdit

  • Stock Fists (default heavy melee; highly recommended)
  • Certain handheld objects found in the muddy waters (And melee that is basically a reskin of stock weapons, such as the Frying Pan, Freedom Staff, Bat Outta Hell, etc.)
  • Buffalo Steak Sandwich (Optional, but acceptable)
  • Dragonborn Helmet or war goggles (optional but preferred)

The Heavydile is also a popular tf2 freak.