The Heavybearwhales are an extremely rare and endangered species of the Heavy category.


Their true origins are unknown, but they are ancient, and it was discovered that from them the Heavywhale species and the Heavybear species appeared.

Abilities, Behavior and CommunicationEdit

The Heavybearwhale's abilities are that one can swim in extremely deep water, more than a Heavywhale, and attacks with more ferocity than a regular and rare Heavybear combined.

They can also indefinitely walk on ground.

Without any explanation, screenshots with them can't be taken. The logical explanation is that they have a special hide that makes them invisible to cameras.

Their behavior is rather peacefully, only being hostile when no vegetation is around and is close to starving to death or when somebody provokes them.

It is said that they follow the attackers even after several days passed!

They are very protective for their species and other allies.

They can communicate telepathically even with other TF2nimals, and their intelligence is huge in comparison to other TF2nimals and even humans!

Almost ExtinctEdit

The Heavybearwhales are very rare, because most of their kin is already dead because of millions of poachers hunting them worldwide for their hide and meat.


  • Buffalo Steak Sandvich
  • Warrior's Spirit
  • Bear Necessities