A new species discovered by Jimosuna at badlands is a mainly aggressive heavy type. They can be found in any map that has a water body that isn't shallow


  • Normal heavy shark-The most common type of heavy shark. They eat plants and meat(mostly meat), they can feel remorse.Mainly neutral.
Loadout: No hats
Any misc
Bread bite(optional) or Apoco fist(preferred
  • Hoovy fish-The friendly kind. They carry sandviches and only eat plants and nuts they will swim away if they get attacked.The people of teufort are making a law to ban hunting of this wonderful creature. In recent news sightings of a new species of hoovy fish that have been discovered, they hit people in the back and it makes the victim laugh uncontrollably then the heavy uses his hands to shoot them, killing them instantly.
Loadout: Tough Guy's Toque(preferred) or Officers ushanka(optional)
Stock fists or Holiday punch
  • Carnivorous heavy shark-The horrid type. They will eat meat and they show no mercy. They eat meat of all kinds and they are brutes. Stay away from them at all costs.They have enough power to take on a heavydile.
Loadout: K-9 mane, Heavy lifter, Any beard, Bread bite(optional) or Apoco fists(preferred)

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