A hulking creature that, while rare, can be found in almost any area of the Badlands. The Heavy Golem is a large animal belonging to the family Gravitelamo.

Appearance: Edit

Heavy Golems have a large armored shell surrounding their head covered completely with spikes for protection. Their large hands are covered in a similar armor that they use for offensive measures. What is interesting to note is that some have been found to attract small wild like such as birds that will land on their shoulder. No one knows why this happens but the Golems seem rather fond of them.

Behavior: Edit

Heavy Golems are a normally peaceful species that are often found crouching in the corners of varies maps. They will often stay in that area unless they are provoked or they have found a master to protect. Heavy Golems are natural guardians, doing what ever it takes to protect a master and their birds. When ready to attack the Golem will stand upright and devour their stake, their main food source. When they have eaten their strength, speed, and durability will be doubled. They will ruthlessly kill anything that stands against them even in the face of death. If their master dies, they will wonder off to find a new master or simply return to their original location.

Required Items: Edit

-War Head

-Fists of Steel/Eviction Notice

-Buffalo Steak Sandvich

-Red Army Robin (optional)

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