Headless pyro!

Hello ladies and mercenaries, I have found a very strange TF2-nimal that could change everything. I have seen a member of what I believe to be related to the Pyro (pyroidae) family. This means that members of this family can survive without their heads. Or this may just be a mutation. I am currently recruiting my best spies to get near this strange TF2-nimal to try to figure out more about it. I am calling it the Ignus Evolvit. And here is the strangest part. I know it is NOT a hoax. Why? Because I found it on a Valve Server! If anyone can find some more information about this mystery animal, please help. This could be a sub-type of the Terrifying Abomination, that was made to scare the shiitake mushrooms out of people. Unlike the the terrifying abomination it is docile. If you have any information please improve this article.

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