The Hammer scoot is a rare Species of the Carpo family native to hilly areas such as thunder mountain, they are aggressive creatures who, upon injuring an enemy Tf2nimal, the Hammer Scoot will go into a frenzy, increasing its speed dramatically, it is known for some Hammer Scoots to go into such an insane rush of adrenaline, they can dodge almost any attack before dramatically slowing down, some biologists believe this is due to different subspecies, although this is not confirmed. A bumpy, bony growth has also been noted on some Hammer Scoots craniums, the reason for this is unknown. Leaing biologists speculate it is a combination of armor and weapon for use in desperate fights. 

Behaviour Edit

Hammer scoots hunt alone, however in mating season (late spring-early summer) they will flock together and males will compete either in combat or in some occurrences, they will race each other for the females, male Hammer scoots, after mating will continue competing for more females and therefore, more descendants. Hammer scoots lay clutches of 1-4 eggs that hatch after 2-3 months, after hatching they leave the nest, ready to fend for themselves.

Sightings Edit

"Saw a small nest full of their eggs, then a female leapt on me, beat me with her fists and hissed, I ran faster than I have before." -Snikrot, discovering the species.

Diet Edit

The Hammer scoot eats spycrabs, reindeeginees and are known to attack domesticated animals such as medisheep, however it avoids water due to pyro sharks, sewer medics and heavydiles which find Hammer Scoots to be a tasty snack.

Relatives Edit

The hammer scoot is distantly related to the Scootgull. They are believed to have been alive for millions of years, but are facing extinction.

Required Items Edit

-Baby Faces Blaster

-Bonk! Atomic punch

-Batters Helm (optional)

-Necro smasher

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