The usual appearance of a hacker.

TF2nimals The Hacker07:48

TF2nimals The Hacker

A hacker attacking 2 players(recorded through the Hacker's POV).

, otherwise known as "Cheaters" are a rare, endangered species that were discovered upon TF2's release.


Hacker's can take the form of any main creature but are usually Cephaneco's.


The hacker's abilities give it a high killcount, usually giving it the top score.

  • Aimbotting. The process of auto aiming at enemies and shooting them without missing.
  • Automatic rifle charge(for sniper scoped)
  • Faster
  • Jump higher
  • No/Faster Reload


Hackers, when found on servers will usually be reported to Admins or Abusive Admins. Upon them being informed about the Hacker, they will hunt it and ban it, decreasing the population of Hackers by 1.

Hacker MassacreEdit

On April 29th 2016, Valve massacred countless Hackers, decreasing the population of Hackers by 75%.

Elder HackerEdit

Elder Hackers are normal Hackers who have evolved with more abilities.


  • Same as the normal Hacker's
  • Hacking items
  • Changing stats
  • Spawning bosses/pumpkin bombs/etc
  • Stealing steam accounts(rare)
  • DDoS'ing a server.
  • Godmode

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