Great White HoovyEdit

This species of Heavy is completely aquatic, a cousin of the Pyroshark, even though it is a Heavy.


It looks like an average Heavy, with it's mouths being where it's hands would be, looking like mittens. When they hit their opponent, it may grab and hold onto them, and they struggle, the Great White Hoovy mistaking it for laughter, making it angry and killing it's prey.


A gentle giant if you stay out of it's reach, a caution for fishers, and a flashing light for people in it's waters. It mainly hunts aquatic TF2nimals, but it will get a Mercenary to feed it's hunger. It sometimes gets amphibious creatures, such as the Engi-Turtle, and hides in nests of Engi-Coral, eating the Jellyneers inside while it waits for passing prey.

Prey and PredatorsEdit

Prey : Jellyneer, Scoutrahnas, Pyrosharks

Predators : Heavydiles, Sewer Medics