Goblineer are a member of the Aedificare family, that are infamous for their greed, gluttony, and deceitfulness. They look like the basic goblin, with green pointy ears, occasionally a beard and/or mohawk, and golden weapons. They were discovered by Dr. Marxman near a large castle. They move quickly, and are obsessed with gold and other precious metals. After they've stolen massive amounts of gold, they often turn it into weapons, cosmetic accessories, build houses out of it, their bodies (golden teeth), or simply put it all around them. Due to their cunning and deception skills, a good 97% of the time, they will get away with the loot they've collected. They make allies with other players, just to betray them and rob them of their items. Similar to Native Badlandians, they occasionally travel in groups and have outposts all over the Badlands. They are fairly endangered, but they do not have importance as they are very similar to Gibuses, and they are not to be trusted. Even though some Gibuses are kind, Goblineers AREN'T. They only want gold and other precious resources. Goblineer chiefs usually conduct the raids on houses and other locations. The Goblineers once tried to have the TF2 Scientists pay taxes to them, as well as the mercenaries. This (obviously) failed, and ever since, they have been attempting to break into the MountainLab Main Building. These attempts have not succeeded, as Goblineers lack the intelligence to overcome such barriers. Sauceolium is often hunted by these creatures, but due to their very low intelligence, accessing it in any way is close to impossible. It has been recently discovered that they are geniuses in mechanics, but that is (sadly) their only strong suit.

Requirements: Edit

Vox Diabolus (Any Green Color)

Merc's Mohawk (Optional)

Gold Digger (Optional)

Australium Frontier Justice (Optional, but recommended)

Australium Or Golden Wrench (Optional, but recommended)

Golden Pan (Optional, but recommended)

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