Goat Cheese Engies are creatures that closely resemble aedificare, but are confirmed to be apart of the wasp genus "sphex". They evolved from wasps after the Great 2fort Ice Age, nearly 10,000 years ago. 

The Run DownEdit

They're a species of humanoid wasp goats, which have microscopic wings that serve no purpose. They often travel in packs, harvesting plants and fish to feed their young. They prefer shrimp, because of their flavor. The most interesting part of the animal is the fact that they secrete chunks of cheese from their anus, which tastes like goat cheese according to some food critics. This happens when they eat about six pounds of shrimp, which then is shredded by their special lungs (which they have three of), before traveling to the heart and being turned to mush. It is usually made to feed them, but humans have found ways to force it through their butts. 

They first appeared in London, 1873, where they traveled to find food. The British used their cheese to flavor their milk, while they were forced to grow cayenne pepper plants in farms. In 1987, Saxton Hale invaded London and freed the engies. 


Due to their sentience, the Council of TF2nimal declared that all goat cheese engies must give consent before being "milked", in 1938.

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