Ghostly Gibus

A Gibusian dancing, showing peaceful behavior.

The Gibusians are a species of TF2nimal, no class family exclusive.


The Gibusians are the masters of deceiving, though they use this ability to teach other TF2nimals and mercenaries alike their ability and how to do it rather than using it to cause chaos.


When some scientists discovered that they became rarer and rarer, they decided they should use cloning science, which worked, they became common , but unfortunately, they accidentally gave birth to their evil counterpart, the Gibus, which also unfortunately, they look the same as the Gibusians.


All of them wear the Gibus, obviously. No records were ever shown that they wear any other misc or hat, but there is one special record recovered from the ruins of a facility, confirming the existence of a special Gibusian called 9201# - Titano. The records show that he has the power to control the minds of other TF2nimals and even mercenaries, and the records also specify that he has a stiched mouth.


The Gibusians are totally peaceful, but defend themselves when they are in danger.

They have a counterpart, called The Gibus, which are their total evil counterpart.

It is recommended that you should stay away from all The Gibusians and the Gibus, as you might never know who you will bump.


The Gibusians have a cousin family called Gibus, which are their total evil counterparts.



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