The Effects of the curse Edit

The gibus curse mostly found on any one wearing the gibus,

Ghostly Gibus

note:even experienced players who wear the gibus are affected

The side effects of this curse are as follows

  • crit rocket attraction
  • mindlessly falling off the cliff
  • Always having the phlog meter to full
  • 100% headshot chance (when lucksman is equipped )
  • 100% Vac ban chance if the player is doing well
  • headshot attraction
  • getting taunt killed A LOT
  • always being headshot while invis
  • bad luck

Dr. Roarfire's reasearch Edit

Log 1:"Okay Test 1 *gives spy Gibus* okay spy go out there and do what you do *explosion* well Test subject 1 got market gardened followed by a sticky trap"

Log 2:" Hello soldier i see you are wear your favorite Burning Team Captain, i assume you signed a waiver so that means you will wear this Gibus for the next 24 hours, Dismissed.*falls off cliff* Test subject 2 fell off a cliff, goddamnit.

Log 3:" Test subjects 3 and 4, a pyro and sniper newbies on the battle field but the test shows positive results. Pyro out phlogged a grown spy until a crit rocket splatted him. The Sniper Got 10 consecutive headshots with the Huntsman until he was taunt killed then VAC banned.

Log 4:" Test Subject 5, a rare Saharan Spy Volunteered to do this, his results were dreadful. While invinsible he was headshot by a sniper mantis without the Sniper not knowing he was there."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Data Corruption~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Other Findings Edit

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