Gibus Crabs are an ancient species once thought to have been wiped out during the 17th Century. It was discovered by Dr. Scoot, when his Mexican hat pointed out a fossil that looked like a gibus during one of his expeditions.

Biology Edit

Gibus Crabs acted much like their ancestors, The Demo Crab, and spend most time underwater. They hunt their prey by wearing the gibus, making humans think it is an easy target. It then latches onto it's victim with it's gibus, and slowly kills the prey. After the prey is deceased, the Gibus Crab will feast, along with it's hatchlings. They also have strange organs in their hands, that resemble baseball bats and other items.

Every year, they move out of their habitat to find a new home. This is sometimes interrupted by predators, such as the Pyroshark and poachers.

Gibus Snipers Edit

Gibus Snipers were recently discovered by Dr. Scoot when his Mexican hat was almost blown off by a sniper hiding in the water. Gibus Snipers make nests in small corners in the ocean, where they and Scout Gibus Crabs lay eggs. They fend off predators with their stinger, looking much like a Sniper rifle.

Gibus Crab Artifacts Edit

Steamworkshop webupload previewfile 358615650 preview

Ancient Gibus recovered from skeleton

A week after RED gained control of cp_antiquity, Prof. Scoot and his team of top score snipers and spies lead an expedition into the underground bases. One of the spies swung his knife on accident and somehow triggered a hidden door, which lead to a staircase that yet again lead to another staircase that lead to a staircase that lead to a room that lead to a staircase which lead to a staircase, until they found a room with Gibus Crab eggs, skeletons wearing gibuses, and (presumably) the same technology that the alien invaders used when they invaded 2fort. Samples are still being transported to Prof. Scoot's lab.

Requirements (Scout variety) Edit

  • Play as Scout
  • Any kind of bat
  • Gibus or Ghostly Gibus
  • Crouch
  • Kill players that fall into the water.

Requirements (Sniper variety) Edit

  • AWPerhand or Hitman's Heatmaker
  • Any kind of Gibus
  • Pyrovision goggles
  • Crouch
  • Kill players that fall into the water.

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