Non-RP species

This TF2nimal is not a roleplay species.

Giant nukineer

Large but elusive, the Giant Nukineer towers over all other TF2nimals.

A fabled mythological creature found lurking around Hightower, the being dubbed the "Giant Nukineer" has no trouble striking fear into the hearts of every living being near it. It towers over all other creatures and has the ability to fire rapid bolts of electricity.


The Giant Nukineer is very aggressive; it has been blamed for the deaths of a multitude of mercenaries in the Hightower region. Its power and size has earned it a bad reputation among residents of the area; even if there is no concrete proof of it's existence.

Demie, a Pyragon living in Hightower who reports having witnessed the beast, describes it as "a massive, dangerous cousin of the Engineer family that kills just about anything in sight". Fortunately, Demie was not noticed by the hulking TF2-nimal and lives to tell his tale, true or not.

In that time, another present creature, Dom, a PyroShark, trying to overcome fear from heights and dehydration, saw and heard two large, engineer-like creatures loudly running around, without mercy killing everyone. Though his senses were slowed and not that sharp, he could swear that he saw lights coming from the sky, centralizing in one point and killing everything in its surroundings. And those who survived, where thrown from cliff by knockback of explosion or by Nukineer himself.

Portable Toaster working on info Edit

Due to the dangerous nature of this particular case, it has been left untouched for a while. Portable Toaster however, will try to gather information such as where it comes from and how it came to be. This would probably be a thing to work on once everything else is done, thanks to the high risk scenario, but info should be provided in the future.


  • Brainiac Hairpiece
  • Brainiac Goggles
  • Extended clip, rapid-fire Rescue Ranger
  • Upgrade Canteen
  • Any wrench other than the Gunslinger