• Containment Precautions: GRT-B is currently uncontained. See Discovery.
  • Description: GRT-B has the appearance of a soldier. He lacks a helmet and causes anything he touches to form a white circle of unidentifiable white liquid, causing a small amount of corrosion. He's known to hunt his prey in the woods, killing them using his hands to [INFORMATION REMOVED FOR READER'S SOUNDNESS/STABILITY]. He possesses inhumane speed, which he uses to increase his strength via a 'running start'.
  • Discovery: GRT-B was the cause of the wreck of Agent Group [REMOVED] and the death of all but one agent. This agent recorded the events with pictures with a later recovered camera. Here's some of the uncorrupted images.
20161202184731 1
20161202185443 1
20161202185909 1
20161202190138 1
  1. The rest of the camera roll past this is corrupted, with spaces in between and at the end. On Image [REMOVED], GRT-B is identifiable in the background.

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