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  • Containment Precautions: GRT-A is to be contained in a concrete room, provided with deceased human bodies as food (see Testlog A for reasoning of non-living specimen) and is not to be interacted with by any personnel. GRT-A is to have all of it's ventilation be locked if it goes near said ventilation shaft. Due to budget cuts, cameras are of poor quality.
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  • Description: GRT-A is a scout with no distinguishable features (besides it's current state of blood, excrement and unknown liquids). GRT-A shows the uncanny ability to climb on walls with ease, and has unbelievable and illogical amounts of strength. Upon any animal or human interaction with GRT-A, GRT-A enters an uber-charged like state, in which he gains strength comparable to that of a downgraded version of Saxton Hale himself. GRT-A would have strength strong enough to dent the metal doors, and, with enough time, pry them open. GRT-A's enraged state lasts approximately 3-10 minutes after contact ends.
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  • Testlog A: One (1) Engineer, unwilling is dropped into the facility. Upon being dropped in there, GRT-A proceeds to [INFORMATION REMOVED FOR READER'S SOUNDNESS/STABILITY]. He pries open his doors, leading to a lockdown of the local area. After he attempts to escape the area for seven minutes, his state ends. He, after thirty hours, returns to his cell, having grown bored, and the doors are immediately shut and repaired by a team on standby. He is not fed for seven days before dead-feeding continues.
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