The FyremanEdit

A strange and often confused or confusing creature, the Fyreman is a TF2-nimal that thinks it's a fireman, putting out flames, but sometimes it loses control and burns things.

Required ItemsEdit

Brigade Helm

Trickster's Turnout Gear

Winter Wonderland Wrap, Without Stripes

Postal Pummeler,

Pain Train,

Flame Thrower,

Reserve Shooter


The Fyreman has a bad obsession with being a real fireman, who puts out flames. Day and Night, they think about putting them out.

They're so dedicated that they put on a fireman's helmet and a coat, and zip up their gas mask to protect from the heat. They work hard to put out any active flames on their friends with their compression blast, which is thought to be blown out of the Fyreman's mouth.

When they're on the battlefield, they usually shoot things with shotguns.

When they get close, they have FyreTacks. These are when the Fyreman freaks out and immediately starts burning everything. This usually takes around 3 to 4 seconds to stop. Then, they flip out and immediately try to put out the fire by taking the nearest thing. Usually, they rip out a wooden plank or a Mailpost to maul their burning enemies. When these enemies die, the Fyremen go among their business.

The Males prefer to rip out a mailpost while females usually go for wooden planks first.

Females are more vulnerable that males, oddly.


Mating for a Fyreman is a very big opportunity to see who is truly in charge of the female of their choice. As a competition, the Fyreman will each find a large opponent and murder it for the female's amusement. Whoever makes the most interesting kill gets to take the mate of their choice and leave.


Ahh, the season of mating has ended at last! Now, it is the time for the creation of the baby. This happens by both of them having FyrTacks and start burning everything. The amount of energy that this takes usually gets both of them tired. Then, the Male crawls up to the Female and they create the child as they walk. Needless to say, this is a very easy way to get food as both of them are very vulnerable in this stage, so many biologists are trying to protect them as they make their way through the maps to create their new Fyreman.