Flying Engineer Fly Men are an endangered species of winged engineers that soar the skies of 2fort. They are predatory
250px-Frontier Flyboy
creatures, and often swoop up prey with their sharp claws.

Biology Edit

Fly Men are predatory creatures, and are basically programmed to seek out prey with their xray vision. They are born with sharp, metal like claws (that look similar to the Gunslinger) that they used to latch onto prey and bring back to the nest. 

Life CycleEdit

Fly Men are born from eggs, that are laid by females. When the egg hatches, the egg explodes and the baby inside becomes über charged for 12 seconds. If they do not find and eat a creature in
250px-RED Gunslinger
that time, they will die of cardiac arrest. If they do, they grow their claws (which, when young, is a glob of molten metal).

When they grow older, their claws shape themselves. And they get better at hunting. They they become adults, they build nests and lay eggs, and continue to hunt until they pass away.


Fly Men, in order to fly for long lengths of time, must have a diet of fresh meat from multiple series (the most popular species being Fish Salesman, due to their rich meat filled with minerals. Oh, and it tastes like fish) and vegetables such as Scootflowers and lettuce. They must also drink large amounts of spaghetti soup, as this makes their wings strong.

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