250px-Pyro the Flamedeer

A flamedeer begging to suck a human male's penis

are an extremely common species of pyro. Flamedeers are distantly related to the Angler Heavy, and seem to have retained their metal jaws, though it is safely tucked away within their mask, grafted to their flesh. They are considered pests, as they rapidly reproduce by sticking carrots up each other's dickholes. They are one of the few tf2nimals allowed to be hunted, but for sport and for meat. They are common in places such as Little Butts (New Mexico), Gotham, Far Far Away, Chernobyl, and Burger Kings. They can also be sold as pets.  Flamedeers are asexual, as they can only reproduce with carrots, and they give birth via squeezing an egg out of it's gas mask. It will then build a nest with wax, bones, hotdogs, soda cans, rocks, gold bars, and human brains. Flamedeer eggs are considered a delicacy when slow roasted with olive oil. They are also naturally hormonal creatures, and often mate with other species. They are famous for their fellatio, which consists of sucking a penis by standing head-level next to the %100 beef thermometer, and then ramming it's left or right gas mask thing into the pen is and moving back and forth. This would result in an extremely blissful

A flamedeer egg

moment of pleasure, as the gas masks are filled with a blue "pleasure jelly" that cover the meat stick and sucking it with every single atom of the jelly. Men of all species hope to be blessed with the suckening of a flamedeer, to the point of selling their houses for eight minutes of bedtime fun. While flamedeer marriage is currently prohibited, the efforts of the LGBT+ have helped brought the legality of zoophilia (and incest). 

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