Rise of the Fishians45:34

Rise of the Fishians

The only known video if the Fishians.

The last fishian v2 by superscourgeent-d7mzkir

A Fishian in it's natural habitat.

The Fishians are a group of Scout-like pipedal "fish" that have existed for an unknown amount of time.


They originated in in the sewers of 2fort. the first of them was called "midnaspet". From him many more spawned. It was like an infectious disease. One after another they popped up. While many speculate as to what actually brought them into exsistance most of the Fishians agree that the Great Merman (legs of a man, giant top half of fish obove the waiste) is their Creator. They appear as normal Scouts, but HAVE to be holding a Holy Mackereal in order to be a Fishian. They appear in two forms: The Runner and the Follower. The Runner is typically faster and can jump much higher where as the Followers simply follow in the path of the runner. Fishians die often but are not agressive in nature. The only time that harm could come to you from one is if you are in its path while it is leading a pack. They are asexual but they do have "mates". Nothing sexual occurs, they just act like any other animalistic couple. They are said to "have existed  as long as time itself" and they tend to not associate with any other species. They , appearently, do not change under any circumstance. They also seem to say that a creature named "Shaq" , saying that the is the "Messanger of their Lord". They hate a Soldier-like creature they call "Satelite Jack". No known pictures or discription of this Sateilite Jack have every been seen or heard.

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