Fish Salesmen are a rare, mysterious species of Carpo that were
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A Fish Salesman

discovered by a Jon Doe running from the police after robbing a bank. 

They are usually found by beaches, lakes, trenches, rivers, and oceans, and sometimes have a market stall. They will ask people if they want some fish, either as a pet or food. They mostly sell salmon, Scoot Sharks, gold fish,  shrimp, plankton, and other aquatic species. They can put them in a bowl for pets, deep fry, bake, grill, and boil fish for costumers. After they're out of fish or they haven't gotten a customer in a long time, they dive into the ocean and spend their money in underwater casinos. 

They're usually friendly, unless provoked. Aside from gambling, hunting, fishing, and selling, they may also go on adventures to find treasures for either themselves or banks.

List of used currenciesEdit

This is the list of currencies that they will take and use 

  • Bottle caps
  • Jerma Bucks
  • USD
  • Pounds
  • Yen
  • Keys
  • Metal
  • Euro
  • Zimbabwean dollars
  • Septims
  • Call of Duty Points
  • NCR dollars
  • Credits
  • Aurodium bars
  • CSGO skins

Casinos and VillagesEdit

Fish Salesmen, if apart of a pack, will likely live in villages with their families. These villages can be either Fishman-built or ancient ruins. Or holes. Many villages will have hundreds of casinos and rows of trading stalls, used to use their cash earned from selling. If they get more money from gambling, they go to trade for food and weapons. 

Some villages may also have giants banks will all the money they earned, and display it. 

Types of Fish SalesmenEdit

Land Salesmen

These a rare and endangered subspecies of the Salesmen, they live on land and build on land. Instead of fish, they usually hunt animals and bugs until they have enough money to provide their families fishing poles. 

Thief SalesmenEdit

A type of Salesmen that, instead of earning it, they rob banks and steal fish. When caught, they are usually fed to sharks. Fish Salesmen Protection Agency have been trying to prevent this.

Ogre SalesmenEdit

Similar to the regular ones, but with green skin. They live in swampy waters and sell eels and slugs for onions.

Human SalesmenEdit

Like the Fish Salesmen, but fish. They sell human flesh for fish food.



  • Fed-Fightin' Fedora
  • Dillinger's Duffle
  • Modest Pile of Hat
  • Tuxxy
  • Ye Olde Baker Boy
  • Flipped Trilby
  • Thrilling Tracksuit


  • Any shotgun
  • Holy Mackerel
  • Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol


Simply set up shop near water (preferably on friendly servers so you won't get killed), and either pretend to sell fish or trade Holy Mackerels to players when they come up to you. After a while, if possible, dive into the water.

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