The Festive Engie is a peaceful creature with festive decorations on its helmet and facial hair. Jt evolved from the EngieTurtle, but this subspecies wanted to look festive. It took decorations from Christmas trees. This creature is peaceful, but there is an aggressive version. This version took decorations and put it on it's shotgun. While the normal Festive Engie is ape-like and thus herbivore, the aggressive version uses it shotgun to hunt prey and then consume it. Friendly Festive Engies can help mercenaries to build dispensers and teleporters, but they will not attack a sentry.

Habitat Edit

  The Festive Engie lives in snowy maps, such as Snowycoast.


  • Face Full of Festive
  • Industrial Festivizer
  • Festive Shotgun 

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