Feral Snipers are a rare and endangered species of Cephaneco found in isolated areas around the Badlands. They show no respect for anything whatsoever, and will kill anything it comes across, including it's own kin.

Feral sniper

A photograph of a Feral Sniper taken by researchers at the TF2nimal Research Facility.

Behavior Edit

As stated before, Feral Snipers show no respect. When brought back to the TF2nimal Research Facility for further studying, it broke everything it could and attempted to kill several guards and researchers. Dr. Redneck, the person that found the first Feral Sniper, was severely injured while approaching the creature.

They are very rarely found indoors, as they prefer to be outside rather than inside. It is assumed they act like this in order to ambush prey that may come along.

Loadout Edit

-Anger (or Bruiser's Bandana with Clean style)

-Scoped Spartan (or Hunstman's Essentials)

-Hunstman (or Fortified Compound)


-Tribalman's Shiv

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