Feesh are a widespread parasitic aquatic species that feed by leeching off of Pyrosharks. Feesh are most distinguishable by the fact that they are almost always seen on the head of a Pyroshark. A Feeshus sub-species can be Identified by their colour, Example being the Feesh you see here, The Green Feesh, the only type we seem to have info of at this point of time.


The Green Feesh Edit

Probably the most common sub-species, the Green Feesh sort of acts like a leech. This Feesh will attach itself onto any Pyroshark, which then becomes the Feesh's host. It needs to attach onto the head of the Pyroshark, as the blood in the cranial area is the only type of blood that will supply the Green Feesh with the correct nutrients. Despite being a parasite, we have seen nothing bad or strange happen to any Pyroshark hosting a Green Feesh.

The Elder Feesh Edit

This feesh is a very rare sub-species most likely due to its colouring period. When a feesh attaches itself to the pyroshark it will wait there for years living off of it's host while it slowly absorbs the colour of the hosts head. Very slowly the

feesh will turn the colour many scientists agree to be "After Eight." Further
85px-Painted Sole Mate2D2D24

The Elder

research must be done on this mysterious sub-species.

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