The Fat Engineers are a species who were discovered in July 2014. They are mostly lazy creatures who will sometimes build stuff. The friendly ones aren't easily offended but the aggressive ones will beat you up or kill you over an offensive stare.


They are known for being overweight and obese, but very friendly. Some though may have the combat Engineer
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A Fat Engineer

blood in them and will attack anyone that's not the same color. They are highly advanced, using portable homes to sit in and have shade. They usually use this for relaxing at the end of the day (or all day). They are very intelligent, though they mostly choose not to use their knowledge. They love all sweets, and will instantly become your friend if you were to give them some, though some aggressive ones will still attack.Some fat engineers live in different water bodies, like the water in 2fort. If they are friendly, do not attack! They are slowly becoming extinct, as Gibusvisions and W+M1 poachers are becoming much more common.

Hunting and defense Edit

Aggressive fat engineers use a luring tactic called A-F_K this hunting tactic remains of the fat engineer just sitting still waiting for its predator or prey to either be oblivious that it will harm it (prey) or lure it as an easy kill (predator). They use this tactic especially when a hostile decipio tries to attack it.


Normal Fat Engie (Bald) Edit

  • Texas Slim Dome Shine
  • Three Level Chin
  • Eggheads Overalls

The Normal Fat Engie (Hardhat)Edit

  • Level Three Chin
  • The Eggheads Overalls
  • The Lonesome Loafers (optional)

The Brainiac EngieEdit

  • The brainiac hairpiece
  • The Level Three Chin
  • The Eggheads Overalls (optional)
  • The brainiac goggles (optional)

​NOTE: You can only equip three cosmetics due to the limited cosmetic slots!