Fan O'War Shogun Update TF2 Comentary New Scout Melee!

Fan O'War Shogun Update TF2 Comentary New Scout Melee!

"I need a dispenser here!" - FoW scout shouting it's call

Fan-O-War scouts Edit

Rarely seen alone, the FoW scouts are fast and very annoying, Their loadout, as researched from scientists, is the Fan of War, the Flying Guillotine, and the Baby Face's Blaster. Even though some do not have the cleaver or Baby Face's Blaster, as long as it has a FoW it is a FoW scout. FoW scouts never shoot their gun, as it will encourage its prey to do the same.

Grouping patternsEdit

Most FoW scouts are observed to group in large packs, usually shouting loudly they need dispensers. This call has been observed to attract other FoW scouts to help them with prey or just to group up. A large group of FoW scouts can be deadly.

The FoW scout with the best hat is the highest ranking in a group and leads the group around.

If there are multiple FoW scouts who think they have the best hat they may either work together or split the group up. The same behavior has been observed in Demopans.

General informationEdit

If you see a group of them coming for you, relax, as they are afraid of water. If you see a group get in water as fast as possible. If not, try to out-manuver them until you reach spawn. If cornered, offer them your sandvich, milk, or jarate. If they begin to attack, try to harm their leaders so they back off long enough so you can escape.

Ray FoW ScoutEdit

An odd species, this FoW scout is resistant to water, and detect threats easier with their scanner eyes (Bonk Boy/robot edition counts too) However unlike the FoW scouts, their weakness is fire instead of water. So send a pyro after them, and they're done for.

Further reserch has revealed that the Ray FoW Scout may be an entirely different species, but not many Ray FoW Scouts have been captured for research so not much is known.