Discovered by Dr. Marxman, Eyegineers are strange creatures that can be seen in any location. They lack a helmet or headwear at all, which differentiates it from other creatures in the Aedificare family. Unlike its normal, hardworking counterparts, this strange phenomena of the Badlands has the uncanny ability to teleport from place to place, in and out of battle. They are extremely hard to catch, and only sightings have been recorded. Their eyes are different from other creatures and it is said they can see through walls. It hunts its prey swiftly, and can find ingenious positions for its teleporter discs. Once these are built, it can teleport itself to them, only needing the exit.

They are not to be killed, as it is unknown what they exactly are. They utilize long distance combat with a weapon that can also heal its machines if they are damaged. Eyegineers are thought to have an extremely high IQ or not be from this planet, due to its superior weaponry. Dr. Marxman does not believe they are aliens, due to the fact they fall into one of the 9 main families for TF2-nimals. He does believe the high IQ and has even theorized that their technology can be responsible for some of the strange occurencess happening all around the badlands.

Due to their extremely high intelligence, they can speak all languages, including that of the Native Badlandians' language. They do not make allies and can detect those who it believes are watching it. When the Alien Crash Landing occurred, it was reported that an eyegineer was speaking to one of them behind the spacecraft. They can indeed build sentry guns, despite the fact it takes them twice the time. When they utilize sentry guns, they have a tool that raises a shield around the gun, making it stronger, and have infinite range. Once, an eyegineer was seen flashing the laser from this device into the air wildly. Witnesses think it could be its link to extra terrestrial creatures. If you see one, do not kill it. Instead, try your best to block off its teleportation path and capture it. Many Black Steam Community Market Salesmen are trying to buy these creatures for a large sum of buds, despite the fact no one has caught it yet.

Requirements: Edit

Texas Slim's Dome Shine

The Special Eyes

Rescue Ranger


Eureka Effect

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