Flaming soldier

A drawing of the mystical bird by an eye-wittness from before our photogrophers managed to capture any photos of the creatures.

A hyper creature related to Soldiers, the Explosive Soldier Bird, also known as the Boom Bird, can be found on most wide open maps with lots of high places. The Explosive Soldier Bird (ESB) is known to rocket jump all over the place, as this is the most efficient way for it to travel. While rocket-jumping is a very risky practice, the ESB has special pads on its feet that absorb the explosive force of its barrage of rockets. By combining these pads with an almost unlimited supply of rockets, the ESB can travel from Point A to Point B in a matter of minutes. However, these TF2-nimals are not born with such skills; the ability is learned from parent to offspring, generation after generation.

Behavioral PatternsEdit


The only known photo of the ESB

When attacked, the ESB overloads its rockets, causing it to go into an explosive frenzy. This frenzy drives would-be attackers away, but often at the cost of the ESB's life. This kamikaze action may seem inefficient, but one ESB's sacrifice can let the others in the flock escape. However, this method of survival almost caused its downfall, as illegal hunting for the birds' foot pads unfortunately meant many more attacks of flocks, leading to more overloading individuals. This caused mass suicide in some cases, bringing the population down dramatically. Fortunately for the Explosive Soldier Bird, efforts from conservationists proved to be very helpful in bringing the ESB back to the world. As repopulation continues, so do studies on the creature. We hope to learn more very soon.

Required Items:

-Beggar's Bazooka