Experimental Medic (Experimentalis Pugnamedicus) is an artificial created TF2nimal

The Tri-Corned Hair Style every Experimental Medic has.

NOTE: All the Experimental Medics must be captured because of the Protocol 6629-402Edit


The origin of the Experimental Medics started back in 1893 at a Research Base.

The scientists worried about the future of the planet and then they decided to create new artificial TF2nimals that could then re-populate the planet after disasters.

Later, a researcher called Doctor Orgonomus Pugnamedicus came with the idea to create the Experimental Medics.

The experiment went wrong when the leader of the Experimental Medics, with the nickname of "Desastreus Experimentalis Pugnamedicus" , gathered all the Experimental Medics and engaged an Uprising.

The Research Base was destroyed 79% and only 1 Experimental Medic died, while 192 personnel died trying to re-contain them.

Now, all the Experimental Medics are scattered everywhere in the world, and because of this, the Government placed a prize for each Experimental Medic captured.


Their most notable are:

Intelligence: Their IQ is 854Edit

Resistance: They are very tough, one supreme Experimental Medic can resist 2-3 Heavy Bear Punches and even a baby Experimental Medic can survive deadly radiations!Edit

Weapon: Their weapons vary, from a vampiric Syringe launcher to a Blood-To-Ubercharge transformer!Edit


Their appearance can vary, but there is only one thing that is at every Experimental Medic, a Tri-Corned Hair style.

It is said it protects them from deadly Gamma Waves and Radiation.

Countering Edit

If you anger an Experimental Medic, do the following:

  • Try to friendly again
  • Give Sandvich, or crouch with melee
  • If a human medic with Crossbow, try to kill
  • Stun'n'run (sandman, airblast or any other weapon to stun/slow)
  • Call for help
  • If all else fails, run.

Adult experimental medics can be extremely hard to kill, and some hunt in packs.


  • The Experimental Medics are neutral, just make sure not to annoy them.
  • Every Experimental Medic has a tri-corned hair style.
  • There are rare sightings of the Desastreus Experimentalis Pugnamedicus, but no one made contact with him yet. If you manage to catch him, you will get a special prize from the government.
  • They are omnivore, but they can live eating either only vegetables, either only meat or both.
  • If you angered one, they will call their nearby friends


  • Any weapons
  • Wilson Weave

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