This is a document made by Giovanni Pierrot on the 3rd of this years October. It contains information on an expedition that some of his fellow biologists help contribute to.

The event was apparently an Eddy of plasma in the air, forming a portal of sorts. From the exploration of this, it lead to a new dimension with odd quirks such as; Time zone difference to double that of the moon (1 night on the Moon= 2 weeks) Gravitational problems differing from vastly lighter or slightly heavier then the earth's. The aforementioned quirk causing things such as waterfalls falling upwards, standing on walls or ceilings, and materialization of "Trees" made of granite and quartz out of no defined source.

They have described an animal that apparently shift-shapes into other forms, it has the appearance of gas, and can preform different tasks dependent of the shape.

The ones that have been documented are;

Sapient: "It took on the form of a humanoid that had to be at least like, what? 60 meters? Maybe 70? Anyway it was able to grab the huge floating platforms that took up most of the place, and it was standing on the surface of a planetoid that from our radars tell us, too cold for us to tread without being frozen. It even attacked us during this state taking some islands and threw them at others to try and smash us."-Anonymous Biologist

Arachnid: "Well, for that...THING, it changed to a smaller, yet still decently massive shape that was like a scorpion. It looked as if it was the size of 2 small houses. In this state it was EXTREMLY violent, jumping and sprinting towards our crew and whipping them with its tail, snapping at us with a bear trap like jaw, or slamming on the floating islands to try and flip them, also was able to break through the stone trees with ease." -Karvix


If one is to come across a vortex like the one described here, do NOT approach it and contact Giovanni Pierrot as soon as humanly possible.

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