Aedificare Maris (Engy Coral) is a species of Aedificare that is often mistaken for a plant. These creatures live on the seafloor, peacefully sitting there for long times until moving on, essentially like underwater Engiturtles. This species however, moves extremely slow and will not move for extremely long times. It is also comparable to the Jellyneer, living in hives (in this case, reefs)

The shell of an Engy Coral.

that stay underwater no matter what.


Engy Coral will group together underwater (and rarely on the surface) to make themselves stronger and more likely to survive. These large groups are known as "Engy Reefs." The Dispenser itself is just a shell that the Engy Coral wears to protect its very fragile body. One very large difference that the Engy Coral has with the Jellyneer is that no matter what kind of danger there is, Engy Coral will not fight back. Most of the time, Engy Coral will stay still in the water, catching various microbes that float by. They have very few natural enemies, but one notable enemy is the Pyroshark. The predators will ruthlessly smash apart Engy Reefs to get to the polyps of the Engy Coral and to get to the various other fish that are hiding in the safe haven of the coral. Luckily, Engy Coral can be found almost anywhere underwater, and the only place that these creatures cannot inhabit is cold water. In that situation, polyps will be frozen and only the shell will be left behind.

The Great Engy Coral Reef Edit

This massive location of Engy Coral and Engy Coral Shells is located on ctf_vikings_final in the ocean. It is a huge tourist attraction and is very protected. There are thought to be hundreds of different kinds of Engy Coral located there. Stealing any of the Coral is highly illegal, and will end up in the thief being sent to prison and fined. the ships on Vikings once crashed into the coral, but it was successfully cleaned up, with no coral damaged. To dive there, you must receive a license, which is a short process but requires much responsibility.

Required ItemsEdit

  • The Jag
  • Dispenser

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