An 8-bit rendition of an Engiturtle.

Engiturtles are a strange off-breed of the Aedificare family. They are similar to Snailgineers in that they have a large shell, however Engiturtles are pack animals and often take off their shells in order to clean and repair them. Male Engiturtles have striking red coloring, whilst the females have a softer blue.


Engiturtles walk in packs of 3-10 from place to place. It is speculated that the places that they stop at are mating grounds, however this has not been confirmed. Engirturtles make a distinctive sound whilst walking and while stationary. Nobody knows why, but it may be a way to scare off potential predators, as they have no other natural defences. Some Engiturtles are slower than others, most likely due to them being older.


The shell of an Engiturtle is mysterious and baffling. When being carried, it is provides a bit of protection and makes the creature no different than a normal Snailgineer. However, when placed, the shell unfolds into a large apparatus capable of healing the Engiturtle. In a group, some shells are more spectacular (higher leveled) than others.  It is thought that the prettier shells get an Engiturtle better mates, similar to peacocks. When it is time to move again, an Engiturtle simply puts the shell back on, and the shell reverts back to an ordinary building box.


-Be an Engineer

-Construct a Dispenser

-Haul said Dispenser

-Get into a group of Engineers

-Spam the "Move up!" voice command

-Place and upgrade your Dispenser from time to time with the group.