Approach w/ caution, this species is hostile, and will not hold back on attacking anything.

Engineer Hominoid (Familiar Refrence: H. P. Constructum), a Neurologically enhanced engineer Simian, That tends to be confused for as a Grease Monkey, but has many differences beyond the species of that kind.

Habitat & Persona Edit

The Engineer Hominoid species tend to be very vagrant, and may end up not residing in a habitat of any kind, but they are more commonly found in Arid, and humid regions. The cause of them to be transient about where they reside is unknown, but it is to be thought of because there a endangered species. There persona is hostile, but they can be easily tricked into thinking you are one of there kind. Though if they figure out your not one of there kind, the species will go into a state of rage, and will attack you, and anything around it. It isn't recommended to do this, but if your up to par with this idea, and your a professional, you may succeed into tricking them.

Abilities Edit

The Engineer Hominoid is very well known for making electric devices, and for being very combat ready. They are very well known for as well to be able to communicate through movements, with one and another (Aka, sign language). Occasionally, they will sporadically change the definition in there sign language to ensure there safety from others catching on. To assure safety, remove all weaponry from them.

Item's: Grease Monkey, Widowmaker, Pistol, and Gunslinger.

Pack Leader: A Unusual Hat (Of any kind), Grease Monkey, Widowmaker, Lugermorph, and Gunslinger.

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