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My(Skysarmy/Rok) current Engiecrab Loadout

Engiecrab(incomplete, please help expand) Edit

The engie crab is a newly discovered, extremely rare species, which acts like a Spycrab. These TF2-nimals have a strange-looking device(construction PDA) and a single pincer(any wrench, other than the Gunslinger), which they hold in front of them. Unlike the Spycrab, they aren't as harmless: they build sentry nests together, but preffer not to be in close combat. A lot of things are still unknown about it and only two have been seen so far. Engiecrabs tend to move sideways, but sometimes can be seen walking backwards or forwards. If you see a group of them, approach them with a sandvich and don't wear big hats, or anything to colorful! They like hats, but they might think you're making fun of 'em. Sandviches are their favorite food, next to Bacon.

Requirements: Edit

  • if you have one, equip the Wrangler: onlyuse it if you see a hostile enemy sniper
  • any wrench(except for the Gunslinger)
  • -prefferably the Jag
  • construction PDA(or strange variant)

Originally created by Rok aka Skysarmy, before joining this wiki)

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