The Engibee is a newly discovered insectoid tf2nimal that was found nesting in a train. They mass together in great swarms were that attempt to sting predators away, or terminate them with the venom. The are attracted to Intelligence for an as of yet unknown reason. (WIP)


These bees attack in great swarms and armed with stingers that transmit an annoying venom, that is mere pestilence at a few stings, but deadly in a swarm.


Engiwasps are the BLU variant of the Engibee, and are much more agressive, little is known so far about these creatures.


Royalty is found in these creatures, as seen in the intelligent Kinggineer that was found along side its kin. It should also be noted that the engibees are extremely hostile, as it killed an estimate of 3 medics wearing the prototype anti toxin suit. The king rules over the rest of these engies with an iron fist. They obey the king's order without question. It is also estimated that a king Engibees lay 2 eggs per minute.


Frontier flyboy

Short circut

(Alpha and wasp only) Rescue ranger

This page is a work in progress (WIP)

Credit to The King Engibee for working With Pycotich to discover this species