The average Engicken.

Engickens are chicken-like members of the Aedificare family that spend their past time pecking at the ground and sleeping. The male and female are very different, and each have their own unique personalities and names. Engickens have been seen in many cold and warm areas, making them a widespread species.


Hengies are female Engickens that are much less colorful than their male counterpart, the Roosteer. Most Hengies are often found sitting in one place, busily tending to their nest and making it just right for their eggs. Hengies rarely leave their nest, and can only be moved out by force or intimidation.

Many predators hunt the Hengy, due to it being an easy target. Some animals that are known to hunt the female Engicken are the SniperdileSpymeleon, and Scougar. However, they must take heed, for the Hengy is an incredibly dangerous animal if cornered. It will resort to punching, biting, and kicking if it must.

Hengies will lay 1 to 3 eggs each time it mates, and will protect their children no matter what. The baby Engicken, referred to as an Engick, will waddle around the nest and remain very quiet until danger approaches. Both the Engick and the Hengy will nuzzle eachother often to reassure one another. Until the Engick is 2 years old, it cannot leave the nest safely.

Required Items:Edit

  • Cockfighter (Preferably a brown color)
  • Gunslinger


Roosteers are loud, colorful creatures that are always showing off for their mates. Rivalry is common in the bustling interwork of nests, and it is very violent and painful. The two Roosteers will start off by giving each other mean looks with their larger eye, and if the opponent does not back off, they will start to punch each other. If one of the rivals still ceases to give in, the males will spit corrosive projectiles at each other until one gives in or dies. The victor wins rights to show off to the females and mate.

Outside of mating, Roosteers have another important purpose; to feed the family. No Engicken would dare leave the nest, due to the dangers of the outside world. That is, except for the Roosteer, born with an intense amount of bravery. They will hunt animals like Butterfly Scoots, Medibouros, and Sugar Wasps.

Like many birds, Roosteers will feed their Engicks by vomiting the food they have eaten into their mouths. After a hunt, Roosteers will take naps, ranging from a single hour to four hours. Roosteers will never truly sleep, as they must continue hunting and gathering for the rest of their lives to keep the family going.

Required Items:Edit

  • Cockfighter (any color)
  • Rescue Ranger and/or Pistol/Lugermorph
  • Googly Gazer (preferred)