Seen usually near some source of water, Eelgineers are a semi-aquatic species, usually competitive and very agressive, but overall, relatively harmless.


Most Eelgineers have a special yellow appendage on their right hand, of an odd robotic shape. In terms of other looks, they can be distinguished by yellow eyes and sometimes, some sort of metal on their heads. If it's not metal, then it's something fluffy.


Most Eelgineers have cloth/cotton hats that are relatively fluffy, most of them with a lid for their eyes and/or covering on their ears. However, metal wearing Eelgineers are represented as royalty, looked up upon by most.

Eelgineers are usually very friendly to other species, including humans. They usually try not to attack most people with the special appendage, which actually produces incredibly low electricity jolts. However, when one encounters another, a competitive instinct causes them to fight. The two will continue to zap eachother, until one runs aways or in rare occasions, actually gets killed. Metal wearing Eelgineers are rarely fought, but some do try to disrupt the royal status.

Theories on this "game" between Eelgineers are varied, due to the relatively harmless nature of their jolts. Some think that this is just part of some sort of competitive duel, two Eelgineers trying to establish an alpha (or rather beta, if both are regular eelgineers) role. Others theorize that it may be a mating contest, or at least some sort of competition for property. There are even few guesses that it isn't a competition at all; they are just playing, or even trying to mate. Their true intentions are up for grabs.


  • Short Circuit
  • Deus Specs
  • [Regular] Any caps (Engineer's Cap, Tough Stuff Muffs, Mann Co hats)
  • [Alphas] Any metal-based hats (Hotrod, Safe'n'Sound, MVM Hats)

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