The Edgescout (or sometimes called Scoutworth) is a scout who occasionally crouches and sometimes says [Objection!] in chat. They are hostile if attacked, either using the Bat or the Scattergun, or on low health, the Bonk! Atomic Punch. Other than that, they get along well with others, such as sphees and hoovies.

Location and DiscoveryEdit

They were discovered on 2Fort by YouTube user Ocarina Gaming, who is filming a documentary as we read this. So far, they exist on 2Fort, Badlands, Lakeside, Dustbowl, and Hightower.

Daily Activites and loadoutEdit

The Edgescout usually goes and eats [or drinks] health packs. Then, they head to the bridge and start saying {Objection!}. They are mostly killed for this, unless they are understood by enemy mercenaries. They can sense sentries, and use the Bonk! to get around them as soon as possible to feed on enemy health packs. If they see a sphee, spycrab, hoovy, or when in the water, a pyroshark, they will look upwards and swing their bat and yell {Objection!}. The other would get the message, or if it was a pyroshark, the shark would most likely die due to bullet damage, and the edgescout would get away.

Loadout consists of:

Scattergun {of any kind} Bonk! Atomic Punch {or for an attack edgescout, a Crit-a-Cola, Pistol, or Lugermorph} and a bat {of any kind}


Ye olde baker boy, Robot running man, whoopee cap, license to maim, or no hat at all

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