[TEST FILE A-1] Edit

Plague Ratscoots Edit

Plague Ratscoot SPECIMEN 1 - Designation = A-1.

Subject A-1 was introduced to a deceased body of a Mercenary, collected from █████, and reacted in ██ seconds, beginning to maul the body viciously. █ Hours later, the body reanimated, and began banging on the iron air-locked doors. Eventually, Neurotoxin (Class-3B "Pest Killer") was deployed, COMPLETELY killing the reanimated mercenary, and effectively killing Specimen A-1.

Plague Ratscoots Edit

Plague Ratscoot SPECIMEN 2 - Designation = A-2. Edit

Subject A-2 was introduced to a live subject, Biohazard Handler ██████ ███████, who volunteered. Subject A-2 backed away, apparently not prepared to approach a presumed Mercenary alone. The Handler walked forward, and attempted to grab the Ratscoot, not per instructions. He began to strangle it, and was bit. He was mauled viciously, his screaming lasting for ██mMinutes, and immediately after it stopped, he got up, infected with the Plague. Neurotoxin was unable to be deployed, due to the Biohazard Handler's suit, so 7 Mercenaries were sent in, and dispatched the Subject. 2 Mercenaries were bit, and killed soon after.

Researchers are encouraged to put Test Logs here. Do it in the format above. Thank you. Edit

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