The Demowolf is a member of the Demolitione family that is often seen in woodland areas, mountainous regions, caves, and in dens. They are usually timid and quiet around other players, but when angered, they are to be feared. They have massive claws and are extremely quick. Very few that encounter these creatures have any hope of surviving, as they are likely to be pounced on almost immediately after disturbing them. They have been seen in woodland areas such as sawmill, where they stay by the waterfall/cave to find prey and have enough to drink. Many hunters and scientists have sought out the ability to tame them, a task which, according to Dr. Marxman, is "Done through trial and error." Marxman has a demowolf companion that acts as a scout for when he uses his rifle. If you encounter a demowolf, DO NOT DISTURB IT. This will lead it to pounce on you and maul you to death. Baby demowolves, often called demopups, are born with no claws, but instead a small, sharp appendage that is used for drinking milk. Throwing mad milk will not invoke them, but jarate will. In fact, milk and steak are key factors to taming them. If you approach one and you have meat, give it to them, and they will not attack, due to their enhanced sense of smell. If you have milk, throw it on them to give them something to drink. Once they kill prey, they howl, which, when heard by other demowolves, causes them to join the solitary creature in a feast.

Required Items:

K9-Mane (painted white if albino demowolf)


Splendid Screen

Ali Baba's Wee Booties

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