336px-Highland Hound

The demowolf howling

Demowolves are a common type of wolf tf2-nimal species. They are deadly animals but wil only attack when provoked or hungry.

Info and requirementsEdit

Demowolves, just like most tf2-nimals are bi-pedal(meaning, can walk on 2 feet) creatures. They are nocturnal and are normally seen in open fields, forest and rarely caves. Demowolves are rarly seen alone and normally travel in packs.They're commonly knowing for howling. It is unknown why do they howl. It may be a sign of superiority amongst the pack , a tactic in order to attract mates or they are just doing it for plain amusment.

You must have the highland set in order to be demowolf.


According to folklore, some demomen are born with the power of turning into demowolf. These people (like me) are known as Lycomans. A lycoman starts off as a normal demoman but they can turn into a demowolf at anygien time. Day or night. Please refrain from harmingany lycomen as they are not as violent as regular demowolves.

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