Your average adult Demotoad.

Demotoads (first seen by Jebidijed) are a species of Demolitione that are found in areas like Sawmill, 2Fort, and other watery areas. They often waddle around on land, not caring about their surroundings. If they are provoked, they will charge away at a blinding speed and will become very difficult to find again. If you should happen to be in the way of a charging Demotoad, then you will be mercilessly clobbered and not likely to survive. These dangerous creatures are thought to have descended from the fearsome Demodactyl, due to the similarities in body stature and equipment.

There are two major differences between unmatured Demotoads and matured ones. Children have blue markings and a defensive spike on their "shield," (Chargin' Targe) while adults have more blunt shields and can pummel a pedestrian in their path more easily with said shield (Splendid Screen). Many young Demotoads have tall, black headresses which they will shed as they grow (Ghastly Gibus). After several months of aging, the headress will be much brighter and filled with color, as well as being in a different shape (any other Demoman hat).


Demofrogs are a subspecies of Demotoads that are often found in water sources. Both species have similar development stages, but the thing that really sets Demotoads and Demofrogs apart is the explosive, longer arm that the Demofrog has (Ullapool Caber). With this special arm, Demofrogs can jump much higher and dispose of intruders much easier. However, as soon as this arm explodes, it will take a while for it to regenerate and be used efficiently again. Like Demotoads, Demofrogs are thought to have descended from the Demodactyl.

Spitting DemofrogEdit

The Spitting Demofrog is a rare variant of the demofrog who in addition to the explosive arm, spit explosive balls (Loose Cannon). These creatures are only found in deserts, and you shouldn't harm them unless you want to have two years of prison time.

Rapid Spitting DemofrogEdit

The Rapid Spitting Demofrog is a rare subspecies to the Demofrog. They behave a lot like the Spitting Demofrog except they can spit four smaller explosive balls at a time(Iron bomber). They are fond in moist areas. They are mostly friendly but will kill even kill a Spycrab if threatened.


  • Ghastly Gibus (for young Demotoad/frog)
  • Any Demoman hat (for elder Demotoad/frog)
  • Any Demoman sword (for Demotoad)
  • Ullapool Caber (for Demofrog)
  • Chargin' Targe (for young Demotoad/frog)
  • Splendid Screen (for elder Demotoad/frog)
  • Loose Cannon (for Spitting Demofrog.)
  • iron bomber (for Rapid Spitting Demofrog)