The Demosquid is a relative of the Demlitione family and has only been recently discovered in a flooded cabin of the Rusty Bucket Bay ship when biologist Rufus Rustus Johnson Brown was searching for specimens of Engy Coral. Since it's discovery, they have been spotted in many parts world, perhaps they were trapped in the ship and were the remaining species.

While they have been spotted world-wide, their population is still low and are considered endangered species, luckily they are not aggresive towards humans and their kind can be preserved.


The behavior of a Demosquid is territorial and normally lives in cramped spaces close, or in water but will be docile upon leaving their abode. Demosquids have been seen travelling on land for short periods of time but not once has a demosquid been reported above water for more than a minute, however, they can live in damp areas with ease. If trapped above ground for over a minute they become hostile towards everything blocking their path to water. Demosquids prefer to live alone but can tolerate small groups and tend to avoid human presence. Demosquids have also shown intelligence such as the usage of weaponry, while they will attack with bottles and generally anything they find, they have a tendancy to carry pans as a favourite. Some Demosquids have also taken the leisure of wearing hats and suits.

Eating HabitsEdit

Demosquids tend to prey upon weaker aquatic species, but it has been observed that they will attack and devour Pyrosharks and in groups, take down large prey. Demosquids however, will not turn cannibalistic through empathy with one another, despite any previous attacks or dislikings and with this, they are very friendly to their kind. It has been noted that if a human is to attack a Demosquid, it will retaliate but dispose of the corpse or simply leave it where it is, why they do not feed on humans is unknown. Demosquids tend to flee upon encountering an enemy that can strike them before dying, demopans aren't tolerant of pain but will hold a grudge and return when healed in a bloodlust until the opposition is dead.


Demosquids have been known to speak in English to intimidate or annoy other creatures or people, but they don't seem to know English itself. They normally shout negative comments or jeers, but will be very grateful if helped or saved from a greater predator. Demosquids are known to carry around explosives and sticky jump like their far relative, the Demoman, but don't seem to understand how to use them aggresively.


Cap'n Calamari Hat

(Optional) Pan

To only fight with a melee

To not use a primary weapon

To only use a secondary for sticky jumping

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