Demoducks are a newly discovered species, found on October 8th 2015, By Plhype.

Habitat Edit

Demoducks actually do not live in water, instead they live on land, in grassy areas around old castles defended by honor bound mercenaries. They don't have one place in their vicinity to rest, for they do not nest.

Appearance Edit

They have yellow feathers and an orange bill, and a sign shaped appendage. Mothers carry their children on their chest, shoulders and hips. The baby on the mothers chest (which is rare) is the infant stage of an elder demo duck, the bonus duck. A common early adolescents appearance, resembles a dapper man with a duck body. When mating they display a dose doe like dance, If the dancer were drunk. They also bare wings similar to the solly birds.

Behavior Edit

They appear to be very docile unless provoked, and display friendliness every configuration of being. Being curious, They will try out new things that fascinate them, including humans. They entertain themselves by jumping around in circles while flapping their wings rapidly. Mating is very uncommon due to the demduck's solitary nature, which files them as an endangered species. They seem to have no enemies, even some rampaging gibuses come to watch in awe of these beautiful creatures.

Requriements Edit

The polar pullover dyed australium gold

The B.A.S.E jumper.

The conscientious objector with a tf2 bonus duck themed spray.

The virtual viewfinder dyed Mann co. orange

Duck journal (for infant elder)

The deadliest duck (for adolescents)