The Democlays are a odd race of demo men, as they are as intelligent as younger lest educated people rather then animalistic.

Creation and "Breeding"Edit

As appose to reproducing like most other TF2nimals, they actually "sculpt" each other. By that I mean that they read a book that is given to them at "birth" by the creator of them. This spell book we use for spells also has multiple pages in a language that was invented by these creatures hundreds of years ago, before it's theorized extinction, obviously disproven since multiple living subjects have been found. They use this language, diagrams, and even tools with machines they make to create the new generation. They make masks out of clay with thread in the head to resemble hair. They also create clothes for the new generation out of fabric. They take the clay and shape it into the shape they want it to be, add markings for mouth and eyes, then puts it in a oven to dry and harden.

Death and cycleEdit

Once the two mannequins for the offspring is made, the Elder serenates it with a violin like appendage. With a amazing melody, the new generation is animated. They give the book to them immediately afterward and then evaporate into it's original materials, spreads them out in a room, and with a makeshift hourglass that is made with in every 10 generations, it flips over to restart the sand, in which the new generations start the creation of their offspring, and so on and so forth. The lifespan of the hourglass is about 5 hours, so each one will only live for 5 hours after the sand start to pour.


Mask of the Shaman

Whiskey bib/Cpt. Seven SeeS

Professor's pineapple OR Bonedalier {Optional}

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