250px-Mann-Bird of Aberdeen

The Demo Parrot

The Demo Parrot is a species of Demo Birds. Just like all bird TF2-nimal's they are known for their infamous Half-man and half-bird appearance. They are flightless like any other bird TF2-nimal. However, Demo Parrots are capable of hopping large distance's like their rival, "The bird of Freedom" but Demo Parrots are also capable of using a quick burst of speed to either get from place to place or attacking enemies.


Demo Parrots are basically careless creatures. This is due to the alcoholic beverage known as "Degroot Rum" as they took a liking to eat after drinking one from a dead pirate at a bar. When Sober, they are carefree and happy-go-lucky. When Drunk however, they act violent and insane as I came across a Demo Parrot who claimed to be a pirate, almost took my head off and when proceeded to raid a bank before getting shot to death. Demo Parrots tend to act like pirates as they wear eye patches every time of the day.

Rivalry with the Bird of FreedomEdit

Demo Parrots have a long time Rivalry with the Bird of Freedom and must not come in range of each other. If Demo Parrots and Bird of Freedoms were to ever come in range of each other, a gory, bloody and violent battle will take place. It is not wise to place a group of Demo Parrots and Bird of Freedoms together in one place. It is very rare that a Demo Parrot and Bird of Freedom will not fight if they see each other and walk together in harmony

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