Appearance Edit

The Demodolphin is a demoman with a shield and a sword, that swims around in the water periodicly out of the water with the charge into the air for a few moments, sometimes onto land. Pyrosharks will NOT attack these creatures, as they allow them to live peacefully, and have even protected Pyroshark nests.

Behavior Edit

The demodolphin is a passive creature, only harming others when its own life, or the lives of others, are put in danger.

Demodolphins will pick up any shiny or decorative hats or other items and put them on.

Usually demodolphins swim in groups, the most experienced leading the group.

When the group is put in danger, the older demodolphins will surround the young ones and slash out at the attackers until they leave or the demodolphins can escape. Only rarely do the demodolphins use their charge as a weapon.

Migratory patterns Edit

The most common place to find demodolphins is in delfino_plaza, since it is warm every season.

Generally where there is a large body of water in a warm area you can find demodolphins.

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